Sprucing up your Baltimore home's exterior is not only aesthetically pleasing to enjoy for many years, it also adds resale value. Whether you're planning to stay for an extended period of time or planning to move in the near future, making updates to your home serves the dual purposes of beautifying the property as well as recouping the investment.

We can help you add outdoor gathering areas such as decks or patios, shade a sunny area with a pergola, increase curb appeal with landscaping, and improve accessibility with driveways and paving.

Feel free to arrange a free on-site consultation so we can get your home's exterior looking its very best. Below are some factors to consider as you decide what may be right for your home renovation. 



The outside of your house is the first thing that anyone sees, so we know you want it to make a great impression. We can update your exteriors to come together elegantly and cohesively.

Siding: there are many options to choose for your home, ranging from builder-grade vinyl to luxury HardieShingle, to stone or brick veneer. Each material option comes in a variety of style, sizes and colors for your customization. You can also go the classic route with brick, stone, or wood shingles.

Masonry: we can complete masonry repair as well as new brick facades, chimneys, fireplaces and brick ovens. Brick comes in numerous shapes and colors and can be laid in any number of artistic designs. Brick accent-work can also be incorporated.

Hardscaping: this category includes concrete pavers, stamped and colored concrete patios and walkways, standard concrete, paving and driveways. We can help you design visually pleasing surroundings that fit your style and budget.

Landscaping: we can plant beautiful gardens, flower beds, terraces, gravel or mulch pathways, add sod, plant new grass, and do property grading. A boring yard can be transformed into a relaxing oasis.


Pergolas allow you to relax outside in partial shade from the sun, cooling down even the hottest of summer days.

Materials: You have a choice of materials including wood, aluminum, vinyl and fiberglass. There are also accessories such as canvas drapes for added shade and privacy. 

Styles: There are many different styles to choose from to achieve the aesthetic look you are going for. You may keep your pergola a natural tone, or stain it any shade of color you like.

Rooftop Deck


Decks can be a great outdoor escape without ever leaving your property. They can be built on any side of your house or on the roof of your townhouse. 

Wooden: many people opt for a traditional wooden deck with treated lumber which can be stained in countless shades. Luxurious mahogany or cedar are other natural wood selections used for decks.


Engineered: these days, synthetic options are widely used since they do not require additional coatings that wooden decks need. Another benefit of synthetic material is that they are immune to the elements so they stand up to harsh weather and sun over time. 

Railings: in addition to wood, railings come in vinyl and aluminum options which don't need further coatings and come in different designs to suit your taste.